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We at Casa de Campo Living always love stumbling upon items describing our fair resort and resident community that is Casa de Campo! From time to time, we’ll even go ahead and re-post anything that catches our fancy… this is one such blog posting, describing the Dominican Republic, but also taking time to mention Altos de Chavon:

This particular blog post is a fairly condensed description of the Dominican Republic – into a single page! A long page. But a single page, nonetheless, which is why it pleased us to see this description, which albeit not completely accurate, does in fact nicely convey the spirit of Altos de Chavon.

One destination couples shouldn’t miss in La Romana: the Altos de Chavon artists’ village. Set on a bluff looking down to the Chavon River, the site was built as a replica of a 16th century Tuscan village. From its chapel and plaza to the intricately carved fountains and Roman amphitheater, wandering the cobblestone paths of Altos de Chavon feels like taking a step back in time. Adding to the romance are the art galleries, restaurants and boutiques that have taken over the ancient-looking buildings. The village also serves as a university for artists, meaning that you’ll find some unique paintings, clothing, jewelry and pottery, simply by window shopping.


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