Golf for a Smile Winners
Golf for a Smile Winners

The second edition of the golf tournament “For a Smile”, held in La Romana Country Club, here in Casa de Campo last Saturday, April 25th, to raise funds for their medical mission was a total success!

David Potter and Wilson Santana came out as winners with a net overall score of 62.

The tournament, which was attended by 120 participants and had a waiting list of more than 40 players, aimed to raise funds for the foundation’s programs of pre- and post-surgeries for children from low income families with cleft lip and palate.

Mr. Paul Martinez and Dr. Fernando de la Cruz, CEO and Medical Director of the Foundation respectively, opened the event by expressing their desire to surpass the achievements of last year’s event in which, thanks to the funds raised, it was possible to operate on more than 90 children.

It was a great day of fun for all participants, who enjoyed a great game on the La Romana Country Club golf course, as well as lunch and the prize-giving ceremony.

Category A was tight with a triple tie at 64 decided by cards, and the resulting winners of the 1st place were Ralph Diep and Chico Santoni. The 2nd place was for Elmudesi Jorge and Simo Leo, and the 3rd place for Roberto and Carlos Salcedo. In category B, the 1st place was for Oscar and Domingo Pichardo with 62 strokes, 2nd place, John Henry Ely and Alexis Dume with 64, and the 3rd place for Gerardo Conde and Fausto Genao, also with 64. In category C, 1st place went to Eddy Martinez and Cesar Ureña with 64 strokes, 2nd place, Arturo Fernandez and Pedro Goico with 71, and 3rd place, Julio Sanchez and Ruben Bournigal with 71.

In the ladies category, the leaders were Rosangel Caraballo and Rosanna Garcia with a score of 68 strokes, followed by Fanny Fernandez and Tadina Buy in 2nd place with 69, while 3rd place went to Margarita Pardo and Cristina Ricard with 70.

They were also special awards; “Closest to the Pin” won by Chico Santoni, Juan Isidro Garcia, Andres Marranzini and Mario Mourelle, as well as “Longest Drive” won by Johnny Morales and Rosangel Caraballo.