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Flying high in the sky! Chichigua Fest 2021

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On Wednesday, March 31st, the Casa de Campo community spent the afternoon flying Chichiguas at the soccer field during this year’s Chichigua Fest. This year’s ChiChigua Fest was different than previous editions but there is no doubt that the families had fun from beginning to end! 

From as early as 3 pm, Casa de Campo´s residents, visitors, and villa owners swept onto the soccer fields with their children and a variety of home-made kites in tow: ready to spend a fun-filled day and flying those kites up…..up…..and away!

Flying them is not as easy as it looks, it requires skills, but luckily everybody managed to fly their Chichiguas filling the sky above. There were even some that lasted more than 3 hours in the air and others took a while to get theirs down because of how far they had gone! All those little details helped us to realize why this activity, which has been in existence for some 2800 years, is so popular and why here in Casa de Campo we love it so much!

Do not miss next year’s Chichigua Fest, because it is a perfect excuse to relive the times of your childhood with great company and see how so many families take time out of their super busy lives to share with their children and their friends.

THANK YOU to everyone who came and enjoyed this year’s Chichigua Fest! It was a really great day!

Below a collection of pictures taken during the Chichigua Fest 2021 by Mairobi Herrera on Wednesday, March 31st:

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