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Flowers in Casa de Campo #6: “Tu y Yo”

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Welcome to our sixth article in the series of posts ‘Flowers in Casa de Campo’, an insight into the many different types of plants found across the Casa de Campo complex. Today we bring you the “Tu y Yo.”

This beautiful bloom is very common in the Dominican Republic and can be seen right here in Casa de Campo, yet it originates from Israel. Its scientific name is Euphorbia Milii and is mostly used as an ornamental garden plant for its distinctive elegance and because it does not need much care – just warmth and water, but don’t get too close – the stem is covered with sharp thorns! It is thought that the Dominican name “Tu y Yo” (You and I) was given because of the way the petals grow, they look as if they are trying to find one another, and always two together.

“Tu y Yo”

  • Crown of Thorns, Euphorbia milii is a succulent plant growing 5 to 6 feet tall.
  • The woody stems are a greyish brown, branched, and with many prominent grey spines.
  • The thick fleshy leaves are arranged in a spiral and they are bright green to greyish green, oval-shaped with a smooth edge.
  • The inflorescence is composed of a specialized structure called a cyathium comprising a cup-like involucre, within which there is a single much reduced female flower surrounded by three male flowers reduced to single stamens.
  • These plants are blooming all year round, but are at their best in dry and sunny locations.

This is the sixth article of our series “Flowers in Casa de Campo”, in future articles you can look forward to reading about: the Ginger, Cayena, African Tuliptree “Amapola”!

* This article was written by former collaborator Daniela Medina

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