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Flowers in Casa de Campo #5: Mantequilla

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Welcome to our fifth article in the series of posts ‘Flowers in Casa de Campo’, an insight into the many different types of plants found across the Casa de Campo complex. Today we bring you the “Mantequilla”

Have you ever noticed the bright yellow flowers that line walkways and climb up walls around the resort? Well, these flowers are called “Mantequilla” (butter) in Spanish and “Golden Trumpet” in English. Native to Brazil, the “Mantequilla” is a fast-growing plant, which can easily reach several meters high. Their scientific name is Allamanda cathartica and they are from the Apocynaceae family.


  • The tree can be up to 80 feet tall in its native habitat but usually reaches 30-40 feet in cultivation, making it a good size for most home landscapes.
  • It will perform best in sunny locations.
  • Features clusters of yellow, trumpet-shaped, single or double flowers with white throat markings and leathery, wavy-margined, obovate, light green leaves (4-6” long) that appear in whorls of 3-4 or in pairs along the stems.
  • Name honors Frederich Allamand, an 18th-century Swiss botanist.

The Golden trumpet vine is a common sight in gardens with year-round warmth and plenty of sun. Perfect for the outdoors here in Casa de Campo.

In future articles of our series, you can look forward to reading about: the “Tu y Yo”, Ginger, and African Tulip Tree.

* This article was written by former collaborator Daniela Medina

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