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Hello Casa de Campo Living readers! Welcome to our second article in the series of posts ‘Flowers in Casa de Campo’, an insight into the many different types of plants found across the Casa de Campo complex. Today we bring you the Hong Kong Orchid tree (Bauhinia blakeana).

Numerous species of bauhinia exist in the Dominican Republic, many introduced from Asia, principally from Burma, while others are native to the island of Hispaniola. The type we spotted in Casa is the Hong Kong Orchid Tree, regarded as a symbol of wisdom, it is considered the most beautiful tree available, with exceptionally long-blooming, flamboyant orchid-shaped flowers.

orchid tree1

The Hong Kong Orchid Tree is one of the most prolific blooming trees for warm weather climates. This beautiful tree displays a brighter, stronger orchid with depths of pinks and purples. Bauhinia flowers can be red, pink, purple, orange, or yellow, and blossoms usually appear from late winter to early summer.

We’ve spotted a number of Hong Kong Orchid Trees in Casa; on the golf courses, around the running track, and even along the side of the road.


  • Growing 20 to 40 feet in height, Hong Kong Orchid-Tree creates a rounded, spreading canopy
  • Composed of large, six to eight-inch-diameter, gray/green leaves
  • These flowers are sterile and will not set seed so the plant will not drop long pods as other Orchid-Trees do
  • These Orchid trees tend to grow very quick.
  • Appear in multiple shades of purple, rose, and pink during the summer and fall

This is the third article of our series “Flowers in Casa de Campo”, in future articles you can look forward to reading about: the Jade Vine, the Mantequilla, the “tu y yo” and much more!

* This article was written by former collaborator Daniela Medina