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Flashback to the roaring 20’s! Giacomo and Alice’s Great Gatsby birthday party!

great gatsby party

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great gatsby partyLast Saturday the 22nd of June, the Casa de Campo community took a step back in time to the 1920’s, at Alice and Giacomo Moriconi’s Great Gatsby themed birthday party!

great gatsby partyAlice Caslini de Moriconi, who grew up in the Dominican Republic and has been living in Casa de Campo for more than a year now with her husband Giacomo Moriconi. And so to celebrate Alice’s 30th birthday and Giacomo’s 35th, they invited their many family and friends from all over the Dominican Republic and in fact the world to join their celebration! And what a celebration it was…

As the most famous style of the roaring 20’s many of the female guests chose to emulate the “flapper look” with a modern and more flattering twist – with slinky tasselled dresses, feathered headbands, bright red lipstick, and pearls – lots and lots of pearls! Our beautiful hostess Alice, stole the show in a sexy black dress, black feather boa and matching black head band, the epitome of 1920’s sexy glamor!

great gatsby party

great gatsby partyI, however, thanks to the generous donation of a vintage 1920’s dress from my mother, was able to successfully recreate what I will call a more “authentic” look – which, in accordance to the style of the era was a) shapeless and b) designed to flattened (as in make flat) the bust – meaning that in some photos I look a little like a glamorous sack of potatoes. But hey ho – thanks to the magnificent hair and make-up skills of my lovely neighbor Viktorija Seijas, I at least looked the part!

The gentlemen on the other hand, looked simply spiffing, in bow ties, jackets, braces and hats. Very handsome indeed.

Staged at a beautiful Casa de Campo villa in the Vivero neighborhood of Casa de Campo, the scene was set perfectly with strings of white lights, simple but elegant black and white cocktail tables and an endless supply of prosecco served in Martini glasses! Oh the glamor!

great gatsby party

Later into the evening, after perhaps one too many proseccos and a few nibbles, we were roused onto the dance floor and so with jingle jangle of the strings of pearls drowned out by a fun mix of latin and “pop” music we danced the night away…

LIMBO… 1920’s style!!
great gatsby party

great gatsby party“Thank you all for making us feel part of the community, and thank you for believing in the fun theme of our party and for all dressing up! YOU made the party!”

— Alice and Giacomo Moriconi


The following collection of photos were taken at Alice and Giacomo’s Great Gatsby themed party in Casa de Campo on Saturday the 22nd of June: 

When I say my mother donated a vintage 1920’s dress, it was not her own from the 1920’s – she not that old! She originally bought it for herself from a vintage store in England and wore it herself to a 1920’s themed party – and looked super! Thanks mum I appreciate it! 🙂

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