After years of waiting, and performing together on various occasions as each other’s special guests, the reggaetón duo announced earlier this year their return with a world tour that would start in none other than our iconic amphitheater! Last Saturday, March 31st, “Los Líderes” of reggaetón had the Altos de Chavón cobblestones vibrating, with concert goers dancing and singing along to every song they performed!  With a full house full of energy, this was the perfect place and opportunity for the reunion of these two artists, five years after their separation. With an amazing production complete with lights, smoke, fire, and confetti, the musical repertoire that these artists offered their audience was enough to keep the audience on their feet during their performance, and the adrenaline alive in each spectator. The show started at 10:00 pm, with the song the tour is named after, “Como antes”, which has reached more than 200 million views on YouTube since its premiere. The duo continued with some of their classics such as “Mírala bien”, “Pam Pam”, “Ahora es”, “Pegao”, “Rakata” and “Noche de Sexo”.  The audience, regardless of age or nationality, sang each and every legendary song prompting Wisin and Yandel to call the amphitheater the biggest disco ever. “There’s a lot of energy here tonight. Thank you Dominican Republic,” stated Wisin visibly moved by the reunion with Yandel.  After performing together, the duo and their dancers went backstage where they changed and sang songs they had transformed into anthems during their time as solo artists. First up was Yandel, with “Encantadora”, “Explícale”, “Hay mi Dios” and “Báilame”. Following him, Wisin performed “Adrenalina”, “Escápate Conmigo”, “Duele el corazón” and “Vacaciones”. Both artists moved around the stage fluidly, engaging the public and keeping hold of the hearts and admiration of their fans. “We have been in the music industry for many years, and to feel that you continue to support us equally or even more than before is something that we truly appreciate. Thank you all, may God bless you, “said Yandel. To end the night they came back together to with their hits “Abusadora”, “Sexy movimiento”, “Permíteme”, “Teléfono”, “Mayor que yo”, “Noche de entierro” and “Algo me gusta de ti” with which they said goodbye at 11:30 pm leaving the public begging for more!  Below a collection of pictures of Wisin and Yandel’s concert taken by Mairobi Herrera on Saturday, March 31st: