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Fashion tips for Casa Gents: Fitted is in Fashion

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Fashion_tipsA promise is a promise! We keep bringing you the Fashion Tips for Casa Gents and this week we’re talking about fitted clothing. 

This time I asked Claudio Marte, owner of men’s fashion store, Huomo in Santo Domingo, to update us on the latest male fashion trend… and he told us it’s all about wearing clothes that fit you well.

“Wearing clothes that are fitted is very much “in”, in fact the fashion for right now is clothes that could even be considered a little small. Pants can be worn a little shorter and tighter than normal, the traditional rule that the pant break should have a rest fold does not apply.  Shirts should fit closely to the body, with no excess fabric and the neck should be a size smaller than normal.  And finally the suit jacket should also have a close fit, with narrow lapels. 

However, this style is not recommendable for everyone! You should only experiment with this style if you are young, slim and tall. All other men should stick to wearing fitted clothing, but not chose to wear anything that errs on the smaller side!”

So there you have it! If you’re a young, slim chap – feel free to go small and look stylish. If not, then it’s best to give this latest fashion trend a miss!

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