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May is traditionally known as the month dedicated to mothers. Almost all over the world, this is the time of year when women celebrate the joy of being a mother.

On the occasion of this beautiful celebration, Casa de Campo Living brings us a series of stories of mothers from the Casa de Campo community who share their experiences in the world of motherhood.

In this first installment, we spoke with Andrea Brenes and Erika Vilain, who became mothers and grandmothers for the first time, respectively, in March of this year.

Andrea Brenes Vilain and her husband, Gustavo Cartagena Vásquez, are two enthusiastic young people who have decided to start a family. As a result of this beautiful union, they have welcomed Lucia Pastora, a baby girl who has brought happiness to both families this year.

Andrea tells us that she had a good pregnancy, experiencing very few discomforts. However, the birth surprised them a few weeks earlier than they had planned. Lucia was born in La Romana, and fortunately, although it was a little early, everything went perfectly.

The young woman, who, together with her father and brother, runs the McDonald’s franchise in the country, indicates that her experience as a mother has been incredible thus far.

“I didn’t think you could love a being so much. With Lucia, there are no more bad moods, and every day is a good day. Every moment, I learn something new. I have received so much love and support from my family, especially my mom. I don’t know what I would do without her. My only complaint so far is that my little girl is growing so fast; I would like to stop time,” Brenes says.

As for her husband, Gustavo Cartagena, she understands that he is madly in love with the little girl. She considers that they make the best team for baby Lucia Pastora.

When questioned about what kind of mother she hopes to be, Andrea explains that she values the presence and closeness her parents have shown throughout her life. “I know I can count on them at any time. Communication, honesty, and love have never been lacking, and I hope to have the same with my children,” she assures.

She also comments that one of her favorite relationships is the one she has with her brother, Ramón Brenes. And this is how she has always imagined her children: a boy and a girl one year apart.

“My family is over the moon. Lucía is the first great-granddaughter, granddaughter, niece, and daughter. Among my closest friends, she is also the first baby. She is everyone’s little doll. Since we shared the news, I have received all the love in the world and unconditional support from everyone.”

Andrea Brenes

An excited grandmother

Perhaps most of the Casa de Campo community knows Erika Vilain, whose charisma and personality stand out in a crowd.

The birth of Lucia Pastora is also of great significance to her, as it makes her a grandmother for the first time.

“We completely lost her,” was Andrea’s response when asked about her mother’s reaction to such a wonderful event.

Andrea comments that Erika has been Lucia’s second mom since day one. “Lucia is her little piece of heaven, and the rest of the world has ceased to exist for her,” she adds.

Meanwhile, Erika tells us that as soon as Gustavo and Andrea gave her the news that she was going to be a grandmother, she jumped for joy and reached for a box of tissues instantly because of the immense happiness she felt in her heart.

“We ran to the great-grandparents with smiles to tell them the wonderful news. I rummaged through everything I had saved from when they were little, each piece a story full of wonderful memories… We looked for an OB-GYN and pediatrician in Santo Domingo and started, I say started because I haven’t even missed the ‘announcements,’ the preparations to receive her,” she adds.

In response to what kind of grandmother she wants to be, Erika explains that she wishes to be the one who brings smiles and joy to her beautiful little face, to be her refuge and support when she needs it, the one who fulfills her desires, the one who showers her with affection and cuddles, her favorite playmate, the answer to her questions, and the one who gratefully enjoys all her antics while becoming a child again for her.

Erika considers Andrea a tremendous mother—patient, sweet, and someone who enjoys each of the changes in Lucia Pastora’s growth. “Her dedication is admirable, and I am sure she will be an example for her children, grandchildren, and, God willing, great-grandchildren,” she adds.

There is no doubt that for this celebration of Mother’s Day, Andrea and Erika already have the best gift; they don’t need anything else.