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First Iberoamerican Design Bienal looks to Casa de Campo – Twice!

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Logo - I Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño

 In case you have not heard, La Casita restaurant, at the Casa de Campo Marina was among a very few and exclusive set of locations selected by the Asociación Diseñadores de Madrid (DIMAD), from the Dominican Republic to participate in the First Iberoamerican Design Bienal (1er Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño [link]) in Madrid; as was the poster designs from the Chavon School of Design Summer program.

The honor of participating in the First Iberoamerican Design Bienal was extended to eight businesses / designers in the entire Dominican Republic, which are as follows:

  • Elias Roedan    –    Carteles Verano de Chavón 2002 y 2007
  • More & Wiese    –    Hard Rock Café
  • Víctor González    –    Ripiando
  • Patricia Reid    –     Club Playa
  • Mayra González    –    La Casita
  • Enrique Delmonte    –    Orange coral
  • Sandra Ehlert    –    Piso 13
  • Gustavo L. Moré    –    Bodega el Catador

To see all the entries, visit: With entries from 22 countries, it is an honor to have TWO entries coming from within the Casa de Campo community, for which we would like to congratulate both Elias Roedan and Mayra González.

Mayra González – Interior designer that in addition to creating the new look and feel of La Casita restaurant at the Casa de Campo Marina, has also been in charge of the complete redesign of Altos de Chavon staple Papa Jacks and the new, modern adult oriented Restaurant and Lounge, Sangria.  Mayra, which many of us residents have already come to know well, as she was responsible for the incredible design of the new Cygalle Healing Spa, as well as the Beach Club by Le Cirque at the Minitas Beach. 


Elias RoedanA graduate and professor at the Chavon School of design, Elias had taught at the Chavon School of design for over 10 years, and now works as a designer for the Altos de Chavon foundation.  Elias is a testament to the balance of life, art, inspiration and experience.

So from all of us at Casa de Camp Living, we wish everyone, especially our beloved Casa de Campo co-conspiritors, all the best of luck! As for our readers – we’ll keep you posted on how this develops, afterall, our pride and honor is on the line!

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