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A happy Chinese New Year at Chinois!

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IMG_4548Last Saturday the 1st of February, the Casa de Campo community celebrated the start of the Chinese New Year at Chinois in the Marina Casa de Campo with an “all you can eat” feast!

Despite a little rain at sunset, the evening was a great success and attracted more than 200 Casa de Campo villa owners, residents and guests.

ano_nuevo_chino1“This event gets more and more popular each year, it’s something people expect and don’t want to miss. 

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year for more than 25 years, it’s a tradition among the Asian community that we never lose, regardless of where we are living.  

As a restauranteur here, I feel a responsibility to involve the Dominican community in this celebration. The tradition started in 1990 at Salón de Té restaurant in Santo Domingo, and now we have been celebrating it for 11 years in the Marina Casa de Campo.”

Susana Joa
Owner at Chinois, Marina Casa de Campo


Apart from great food the evening included the “Dance of the Dragons” and the “Dance of the Lions” – a spectacular parade of dragons and lions that danced to the beat of drums around Chinois and in the Plaza Portofino!

Here is the collection of photos taken at the Chinois restaurant in the Marina Casa de Campo as we celebrated this Chinese New Year: 

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