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The Fine Arts International Film Festival will be presenting movies at La Marina Casa de Campo

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The Fine Arts International Film Festival was held for the first time in 2010 in the Dominican Republic and in 2012 in Puerto Rico. From then on it has become a favorite amongst the public due to its cultural variety and the quality of the films that are presented during the event. This year, the event will take place from September 28th to October 11th and for the first time the La Marina movie theater will be projecting 11 movies that are part of the festival through October 1st.

This is the 8th edition of the International Fine Arts Film Festival and will host prominent international guests, including: Manuela Vellés, actress of the popular series “Velvet” and star of the films “Caótica Ana” (2007) and “Las 7 Muertes” (2017), the latter of which is the festival’s opening movie and filmed partly here in the Dominican Republic. It is directed by Gerardo Herrero, who is considered one of the most important names of Spanish cinema today and is this year’s guest. See the film’s behind-the-scenes footage below.

Gerardo was president of the Spanish Film Academy and the Federation of Associations of Spanish Audiovisual Producers (FAPAE), and nominated on multiple occasions for prizes in Berlin, Goya, and Montreal, while taking home the win at the San Sebastian festival. This year will also include Jorge Alberti as a guest, a prominent Puerto Rican actor who has participated in such films as, “Not Even The Devil,” “Élite,” “El Argentino” (alongside Benicio Del Toro) and “Oh Baby,” among others. From Venezuela, the multifaceted actor Luis Fernandez who has worked in more than 25 films and TV series will also be present. 

Every year at the Festival, documentaries, short films, and full features are presented and divided into various categories such as Official Selection, Informative Section, Operas Primas, among others, while adding the new category Special Section ALDEA. The main objective of ALDEA is to grow Latin American cinema in the region and to have an initial visibility in cinematographic events of the continent, encouraging Latinos to support our productions. 

Caribbean Cinemas encouraged Dominican filmmakers to sign up for the festival and be part of the special section dedicated to Dominican Short Films. 6 films were selected, and the jury headed by Jose D’ Laura with Desiree Reyes, José Rafael Sosa, Félix Manuel Lora, Joan Prats, Amelia Deschamps, and Pachico Tejada making up the rest of the members of the jury will be in charge of selecting this year’s winners. More than 60 movies will be projected this year; to see the complete list click here and find a synopsis of the movies and trailer.

If you love movies, this is your chance to support local and international independent films! What’s awesome is that you can do so right here in La Marina! Plus, you have the option of buying a package of 5 films for the cost of RD $1,690 p/p. If you are a Chavón School of Design student a discount will be applied when you present your school ID Monday — Friday at the 5:00 p.m. projection time.  

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