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Fifth Scientific Exhibition organized by the Clínica de Familia

On November 30, the 5th edition of our traditional scientific exhibition took place with to commemorate World AIDS Day. The event took place in the multi-purpose room of the Politécnico Calasanz San Eduardo, with the participation of nine exhibiting groups and more than 200 students of the school.

Wanting to do something different each year that involves local youth with a focus on education and prevention, a team made up of the Clínica de Familia, the Provincial Health Directorate and the Módulo Anexo Maternos Infantil (MAMI), were in charge of the organization of this beautiful activity. With this objective in mind, this year we carried out this activity with the nursing students of the Politécnico Calasanz San Eduardo, with the purpose of having future health professionals free of stigma and discrimination. In the same way, we had the participation of the center’s communication group, who was in charge of the photographs and videos of the activity.

A jury composed by Dr. Xiomara Martínez, of the Provincial Health Directorate, who evaluated the medical content of the exhibitions, as well as Dr. María Guerrero, vice mayor of this city of La Romana and Lic. Luz Messina, director of the Módulo Anexo Maternos Infantil who evaluated how the exhibitors presented themselves. We also had the participation of Lic. Luisa María Ortiz, director of the Bomana Foundation, who evaluated creativity and the use of recycled materials in the different areas prepared by the groups of student.

The seven winners received a trophy, designed by Mr. José Ignacio Morales from el Artístico, which were printed by Víctor Color. We want to thank our faithful sponsors, who made possible this event: Politécnico Calasanz-San Eduardo, El Artístico, Papa John´s, Mundo sobre Ruedas, Helados Bon, Luxe Neil Bar Spa y Salón, Dielara, C. por A., Almacenes Iberia, Dr. José Reyes y el Ayuntamiento de La Romana, Agua El Edén, Asociación Romana de Ahorros y Préstamos, Víctor Color Maybel, S. R.L, Cinemas La Romana, Pizza Hut La Romana and Impresos Castro.

We appreciate the assistance to this activity of the Provincial Governor of La Romana, Dr. Teodoro Ursino Reyes and Dr. Rhina Reyes, Director of the Provincial Health Directorate. In the same way to our jury, who took on the arduous task of evaluating the participation of these students in this Scientific Exhibition. We would also like to thank the organizing committee composed of collaborators of the Clínica de Familia La Romana, MAMI as well as the teaching staff of the Politécnico Calasanz-San Eduardo.

* Information and pictures contributed by Clínica de Familia La Romana

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