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Ferragosto 2020: Italian fair to celebrate summer and the Italian friends in the Dominican Republic

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After the success of the first edition last year, next Saturday, September 12th, 2020 in the gardens of Casa Rodrigo de Bastidas, better known as the Trampoline Museum, in the colonial zone of the Capital Santo Domingo, right next to the Ozama Fortress, Conectando Artes DMC will be celebrating one of the most emblematic festivals in ITALY, the FERRAGOSTO! This year for obvious reasons we have opted to move the historic date of this celebration, August 15, which we do not want to give up, in the hope of celebrating a new long-awaited beginning!

With all the measures that we have already implemented in our daily lives, in a large open space, keeping the distances between everyone, with a face mask, learning to smile with our eyes, we will be ready to enjoy a great afternoon surrounded by authentic Italian customs. We invite you to discover Italy with a great variety of authentic gastronomy, products, and services from 03.00 pm and with live Italian music, from 08.00 PM.

A set of Italian exhibitors and companies from different sectors will present their products and services available in the country. A wide variety of authentic gastronomy and drinks will be for sale and exquisite wines that cannot be missed. The perfect occasion to learn about Italian culture, taste a selection of great food, and listen to traditional music! (Free entry, valley parking available).


From the Latin Feriae Augusti, they were a series of festivities introduced by the Roman Emperor Ottaviano Augustus in the 18th century BC, festivals that took place during the month of August, when all activities were suspended and the festive atmosphere, joy, and the exchange of gifts.

Today FERRAGOSTO is a secular Italian festival celebrated on August 15 and is usually accompanied by mass exoduses to the beach or the mountains. In addition to being the most popular holiday day within the summer festivals, the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is celebrated.

[Information and photos from last year courtesy of Conectando Artes DMC]

Italian Ferragosto Santo Domingo 2020

When: Saturday, September 12, 2020

Where: Gardens of Casa Rodrigo de Bastidas, (Trampoline Museum), Colonial Zone, Santo Domingo

Time: 03:00 pm

Free Entry


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