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Fernando Varela brings his search for inner enlightenment to the Marina Casa de Campo

art Fernando Varela

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art Fernando VarelaAccording to art critic Clara Caminero K., the creations of Fernando Varela are driven by “a search for his inner being”, and last Friday January 16th, Fernando Varela was delighted to share the latest creations of his on-going life-long search with the Casa de Campo community, at his gallery in the Marina Casa de Campo.

Michael Belcourt, Harvey Rhein_Casa_de_CampoThose of us connected with the work of Varela are familiar with his search of his inner being, a spiritual quest which began in his early youth. In Forma y Vacio the space guides us to an area of rectangular format, although imperfect they are just like the shapes and spaces in which we rest. If we consider the rectangular as a form, we find her in every space a human being feels comfortable and safe; it is one of the shapes most often used in design and construction for homes, rooms, beds, tables.” Explains art critic, Clara Caminero K.

“ESCULTURAS Y DIBUJOS” by Fernando Varela forms part of his acclaimed series “Forma y Vacio” and includes 22 works of art; 5 sculptures, one painting and the rest drawings and collages.

As one of the Dominican Republic’s most successful artists, the latest work of Fernando Varela was once again very well received by the Casa de Campo community who enjoyed a cocktail while talking to the artist about his vision and creative process.

art Fernando Varela

The following collection of images were taken by Alejandro Heredia at the opening of “ESCULTURAS Y DIBUJOS” by Fernando Varela in the Marina Casa de Campo: 

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