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To be a father, by Nelson Garcia

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Nelson_garcia_and_childrenHaving spent the entire month of July celebrating Father’s Day in the Dominican Republic with a beautiful series if father – son/daughter interviews, today it is the turn of a father, Nelson Garcia to tell us what being a father means to him.

Nelson Garcia is the entrepreneur behind Events Destination Management, specialists in event organisation, whose recent projects include the Magical Splendor for Life for the Fundacion MIR, as well as the Casa de Campo Copa Semana Santa Polo Tournament organised by CasaLife Magazine. Events Destination Management coordinate all aspects of professional meetings and social events, help chose locations, arrange transportation, provide truss structures, digital lights, sound systems, stages… whatever you can imagine.

Nelson is the proud father of 3 children; Emiliano, Matias and Diego alejandro, so let’s here from Nelson on what it means to be a father.

@cdcliving: How does it feel to be a Father?

To be honest, being a father is different for every individual, it is not an easy task, particularly being a father in my case, that even though two of my sons Emiliano and Matías do not live with me, and Diego Alejandro (my youngest son) does live with me, within the time I dedicate to each of them I can tell you that “Being a Father feels” like having the patience to understand them, knowing what to answer when their questions are challenging and you don’t know what to say, searching for the right words to talk to them for them to understand that most of the decisions that us parents make are only for their own well-being,“A father is not the one who gives life, a father is the one who gives love”

@cdcliving: How did being a Parent change your life?

The birth of my sons has created the true goals in my life and every challenge which I have met have been gratifying. My sons gave me the best reward that any parent expects.


@cdcliving: What makes you feel proud of your sons?

Since they are such big gaps between their ages, they admire each other, how Matias loves the way his brother plays the drums and Diego imitates Matias’ every move when he plays football. I admire how all three of my sons show so much love to each other.

@cdcliving:What do you enjoy doing with your sons?

Planning trips, visiting places we have still not seen, which might happen at any moment and even without thinking about it too much; but sitting down all together to talk and how topics would just come up and the outbreaks of laughter end up being a very special family night. To just think about whilst I answer your question makes me laugh!!

@cdcliving:Is there anything you would like to say to your children?

I have battled many great challenges but in my life, they are my three biggest victories!


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