Café de la Leche 10 de Abril Header

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Café de la Leche 10 de Abril Header On Friday April 10th, a fantastically fashionable Café de la Leche was celebrated at beautiful oceanside Casa de Campo villa, Punta Minitas 34. Café de la Leche 10 de AbrilWell-known as a favorite among Casa de Campo’s celebrity visitors such as Rihanna and Beyonce, the guests of this month’s edition of the Café de la Leche opted to glam it up, in perfect style to match this multi-million dollar property. Tottering in on sky-high heels; chunky wedges and needle-thin stilettos, Casa de Campo’s ladies strutted in these seemingly unwalkable shoes with panache. As they tap tapped across the thresh hold they were greeted with the breathtaking view of the ocean and the villa’s private beach and dock – visible right through this spectacular property. As they reached the terrace at the edge of the beach, our lovely ladies in their Emilio Pucci-style vibrant bright designs combined perfectly with the tropical ambiance; cocktails, beach, palm trees and the glow of the Caribbean sunset. Meanwhile those who opted for crisp white linen, looked equally elegant. As glasses chinked, so did the statement jewelry hanging in chunky baubles around our ladies necks, a strong tropical statement, most popular in bright red and turquoise. Proving you don’t need diamonds and emeralds to look right in vogue. As the celebration progressed the guests enjoyed a tour of this incredible property as well the art sale which include: Ecuadoran handwoven kilim-style rugs; sculptures from New Guinea; African-style masks and tapestries; wood carvings from Asia and New Zealand; and more. There’s also an eclectic mix of home furnishings such as artisanal wall hangings and embroidered pillow covers. A truly fashionable, fun and elegant gathering for the Hogar del Niño!  .