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Famous rapper Pharrel Williams loves to vacation in Casa de Campo!

pharrel williams

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pharrel williamsThere are many celebrities and famous people that love Casa de Campo; Vin Diesel, Jayzee and Beyonce, A-Rod, Cameron Diaz and many more – and now we hear that famous American rapper, Pharrel Williams loves our little piece of Paradise too!

Sadly we have not actually spotted Pharrel Williams enjoying a vacation in Casa de Campo, but according to an interview just published in, La Romana in the Dominican Republic and more specifically, Casa de Campo, is the place Pharrel likes to go to “get away from it all.”

According to the interview, Pharrel enjoys vacationing with his family, indulging in crab-based dishes – perhaps at the Beach Club by Le Cirque at Minitas Beach, and he loves the Caribbean’s tropical sunsets!

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