tomato soup

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tomato soup

Crema, La Romana’s most famous and popular bakery, headed by Ivette and William Perez, who was until recently the Executive Chef at the La Romana Country Club, has opened in a huge new location, serving delicious savory delights, alongside of it’s famous deserts and cakes.

crema la romana

Crema in La Romana – now even bigger and better!

Crema, which started as a small operation in William and Ivette’s La Romana home, has now grown so exponentially in both popularity and size, that William and Ivette now welcome their fans in their new pastry store and restaurant on one of La Romana’s main roads; the Franciso Richiez (just up from Plaza Lama and La Casita). Here, customers can select sweet pastries, cakes and other goodies to take away or order cakes and deserts for special occasions – as before, but can also sit and enjoy a coffee, fruit juice or even a glass of wine, whilst sampling something savory from their menu of sandwiches and salads.

And so, having enjoyed numerous lunch and dinner dates at the new Crema – here we bring you a mini-review of our favorite dishes.

Falafel sandwich, RD$190  


My favorite dish at Crema and in fact in the whole world right now. It is possible that you might not like it quiet as much as me – I am admittedly rather enthusiastic about this falafel – but it is just so good! Crispy falafel, stuffed in a toasted pitta bread with fresh cucumber and tomato salad and topped with a creamy parsley sauce. Simply delicious.

Croquetas, RD$25 (each one)


Crema’s croquetas come in 3 varieties; ham, cheese and risotto. So far we have only tried the risotto ones – mainly because we like them so much we keep ordering them!

Soup of the day, RD$125 – RD$150

tomato soup

Being an incredibly passionate chef, William loves to cook and invent new things – one of his favorites being soup, and he does it so well it is something we recommend you try at Crema. So far, our favorite is certainly the grilled tomato and tarragon, but for a cold (ish) rainy day, the chicken corn chowder is perfect.

BREAKFAST! (From just RD$75)


If like me, you have been craving a good place to treat yourself to an indulgent breakfast on a weekend – look no further! On the menu is bacon, eggs, omelettes, pancakes and french toast – and every option is wonderful – and yes I have tried them all! Breakfast is served daily until midday.

Cappuccino, RD$60


Delicious at all times of the day – but very definitely best served with a Crema breakfast – or in fact also with any one of their delicious deserts as an afternoon snack!

That’s all folks! Despite having been to Crema numerous times since it opened in it’s swanky new and modern location – we have tried relatively few dishes – why? Because we loved the ones we tried so much we can’t resist repeatedly ordering the same thing! We’re hoping that Chef William will invite us soon to do a full review – which will force us to try a variety of other dishes!


Francisco Richiez street (just up from Plaza Lama and La Casita)
La Romana
(809) 813-2103

• Tuesdays – Saturday: 8am – 9pm
• Sundays: 8am – 6pm
• Closed Mondays