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“Fall Cleaning” to help puppies in need!

Puppy in need

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Puppy in needYou know that shirt you no longer wear and have been wanting to donate for a while? Well, our friends at Collares Rojos, an animal rescue organization based out of Bayahibe, are organizing a Flea Market to help the rescued puppies and kitties they sponsor, and we are so excited to be helping them along! Start cleaning your closet because anything you don’t want anymore and can donate will become food or medical treatment for an animal in need.

Before giving you details about the Flea Market and drop-off points for donations, here’s an overview of why we are so passionate about helping animals in need:

At SILGON we are puppy lovers! Have you met Rebecca and Philip’s Weiner dog, Pancho? He is quite the gentleman and comes to the office whenever he is not traveling (he’s a jet setter).


What about Lilly, Carla’s fine mutt who was rescued in Benerito 6 years ago? She comes to the office on a regular basis (sometimes she will inspire an article or two but most of the time she sleeps) and can be seen strolling around Chavón or riding a golf cart around Casa with one of her signature bandanas.


Our friends are animal lovers too! This is Lobita, our friend Lucie’s charming mutt. She was rescued just a few months ago by Collares Rojos and now lives THE life in Casa de Campo. Lobita loves morning strolls around Vivero and hangs out with her friends Moka and Lincoln in Los Altos.


Moka lives with Anthony and Ibani who pamper her endlessly. Here she is sun bathing on her inflatable turtle.


Lincoln’s parents, Vicente and Gema, make sure this fine gentleman is well taken care of. He pretty much does whatever he wants at all times – we wouldn’t expect anything less of a dog carrying a presidential name like his.


So you see, at Casa de Campo, we LOVE animals and we LOVE our dogs… so given that they have such a good life in Casa, why not do a little to help other dogs in need?

Until October 15th, we will be helping collect clothing, shoes, home goods, and pretty much anything you don’t want! We will give all the donations to Collares Rojos who will be hosting a Flea Market very soon to raise funds for helping animals in need.

Do a bit of “Fall Cleaning” and get your house ready for the Holiday Season early. We are certain you will find one or two things that would be better served in someone else’s home.

So get cleaning and help all the puppies and kitties!

We are accepting donations at SILGON’s offices and Vivero #24. (See info below for drop off days/times).

Deadline to submit donations: October 15, 2015

Drop Off Points:

Casa de Campo Living / SILGON’s Office
Altos de la Piazzetta, Altos de Chavón
Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30pm
(809) 523-2045

Vivero #24
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
9:00am – 5:00pm
(829) 599-8731

Collares Rojos 2Collares Rojos

This non profit organization based out of Bayahibe started as a group of friends helping the local shelter and local animals in need. In addition to having their own shelter, Collares Rojos leads spaying / neutering campaigns, vaccinating, and finds new homes for animals in need. They educate owners on how to handle their pets correctly.

You can visit their official Facebook page: Collares Rojos

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