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Summer has already started, and with it, we prepare to go on vacation and live new experiences. Can you imagine visiting a place where the probability of rain is more than 75% and where you can counteract the summer heat? In our article today, we take you to the northeast of the Dominican Republic, where this reality is a fact; Los Haitises National Park. Thanks to its ecological structure, surrounded by high mountains, and mighty rivers and valleys, it is one of the country’s regions with the highest rainfall and rains most days of the year. Classified as a UNESCO heritage site, Los Haitises National Park is a magical place and a true hidden gem of the Samaná Peninsula, which you should visit.

Tour to Los Haitises:

Taking the route to the fishing village of “Sabana de la Mar,” you will be able to enjoy the rural landscapes surrounding the coast and the mountains until you reach the majestic “Los Haitises, National Park.” At the Sabana de la Mar dock, we will board a speedboat that will take us through the mangrove jungle until we reach the landscape of the San Lorenzo Bay. We will visit an impressive natural reserve known as “La Cueva de la Línea” with incredible formations of petroglyphs of great value and indigenous origin. We arrive at a beautiful virgin beach known as “Punta Arena.” A lovely place full of palm trees and in the shape of a half-moon, where you will enjoy a delicious welcome cocktail while you take a relaxing bath in its calm and crystalline waters surrounded by starfish. We serve the most delicious buffet-style lunch of fresh lobster and seafood, served in front of the sea while having a glass of wine of your choice. Then, to culminate this wonderful day of adventure, we take a pirate ship to cross the bay; Where hopefully, we can see the dolphins!

For the entire family!

The exciting and fun thing about the whole route is that it is an adventure that the entire family can enjoy without age restriction. Furthermore, all means of transportation, land and sea, are fully equipped and insured so that the whole family can have a wonderful experience without the slightest setback. So, if you have not devised a family plan this summer, we encourage you to do it and consider Los Haitises National Park as one of the destinations to visit. And if it rains, what difference does it make? Your body will thank you! * Information and photos (taken before the pandemic), courtesy of Wisdom Travel, for more information about the tour, the schedule, what to bring, and more, click here
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