While it is true that Holy Week is culturally known in our country (Dominican Republic) as a time of reflection and calm; for others, it is the perfect opportunity to go out and explore other provinces to learn more about them or live an adventure with the whole family.

That is why today we bring you two great options, where regardless of how much you like adventure or whether you prefer a relaxing and fantasy place to rest, it is the perfect mix and results in an unforgettable mini-vacation!

The Salto El Limón and Cayo Levantado tour are some of the most popular trips that Samaná offers you, in the northwest of the Dominican Republic. The journey begins by taking the new road to the fishing village of Miches; a one-hour tour observing the rural landscapes around the coast and mountains of Anamuya.

Upon arrival, we board a catamaran in Las Cañitas, and from there we visited El Limón Falls. Riding a horse for 30 minutes through lush and incredible vegetation: plants, coffee, cocoa, and a variety of tropical fruits. When you reach this 36-meter high jump, you will be captivated by its spectacular beauty. It is a great adventure that you will never forget and that will take you inside the Peninsula where the mountains reach an altitude of 640 meters.

The buffet lunch will be at a typical countryside ranch, and after resting a little we will head to Cayo Levantado, a beautiful islet in the middle of the turquoise blue waters of the Bay of Samaná that you can explore entirely in just 15 minutes.

Despite the fact that Cayo Levantado is a place only 1 kilometer long, it has everything a person could want to spend an incredible day or more! There you can relax and swim before the ride back to Las Cañitas.

More about Cayo Levantado

Also known as Bacardi Island because of a Bacardi commercial filmed here in the 1970s, the small, picturesque island of Cayo Levantado sits just five kilometers from Samaná Bay, and boasts sparkling white sand and beaches lined with palms. Every day, small taxi boats leave from the port of Samaná, on Avenida Marina, that take visitors to this small island. Spend the day swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, or paddle boarding, and enjoy fresh fish on the public side of Cayo Levantado. You can also spend the night in the luxury hotel that occupies the other half of the island. Please note that there may be restrictions on visits on days when large cruise ships dock off the island.

More about Salto El Limón

El Limón offers an adventurous journey through its jungle landscape, before reaching the El Limón waterfall that falls from the top of the Sierra de Samaná, at a height of 40 meters (130 feet). The 1.5 mile (2.5 km) journey to get there can be done on foot if the person is in good physical shape, or it can be done on horseback. The reward: a refreshing dip in the cool water under a majestic waterfall.

* Information and photos, taken pre-pandemic, courtesy of Wisdom Travel, for more information about the excursion click here

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