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If you are an animal lover and wish to play an active role in the protection of wildlife, to the east of the Dominican Republic is the “Anamuya” mountain where you will find Monkeyland; a natural habitat full of colorful trees, flowers, and medicinal plants, where charming squirrel monkeys have made it their home for many years. This excursion offers you a chance to interrelate and observe the monkeys in a natural environment while enjoying spectacular views of the countryside. 

As soon as you walk into the habitat and begin the guided tour of the mountain you will notice how your senses come into direct contact with nature; it is breathed and felt in the entire environment of the jungle. As you walk deeper into the mountain the monkeys come down from the trees to sit on your shoulder and eat from your hand. They love posing for the cameras and taking selfies!

These charming and intelligent monkeys who love to give love and receive it from visitors have been taken care of by a Canadian couple with 35 years of experience working with wildlife, including 12 years at the Toronto Zoo teaching monkeys to trust and enjoy the company of human beings.

A must stop during the tour is “La casa del coco”, a place where local Dominicans will teach you the process of how to extract coconut oil, and where you can also eat coconut, freshly made chocolate, drink coffee, and “mamajuana”, a local drink that is concocted by allowing rum, red wine, and honey to soak in a bottle with tree bark and herbs. The taste is similar to port wine and has a deep red color.

You will love every minute of this excursion; it is a fun and enjoyable way to spend a morning or afternoon, so in your next itinerary of trips and adventures with family or friends, do not forget to include visiting the Island of the Monkeys (Monkeyland).

* Information and photos, taken pre-pandemic, courtesy of Wisdom Travel, for more information about the excursion, schedule, what to bring, and more click here

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