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From the 23rd to the 28th of April 2013, J.Pepe Fanjul hosted the 26th annual Sugar Shooting Tournament, which with 37 world-class shooter from across the globe, was according to both J.Pepe and Shaun Snell Casa de Campo Director of Shooting – the “best yet.” And the aspect which makes the Sugar Shooting Tournament and indeed the Casa de Campo Shooting facilities stand-out as one of the best in the world – is the Driven Bird Shooting at Rancho Peligro. Rancho Peligro, a private wilderness reserve approximately a 1 hour drive (or just a few minutes in helicopter) inland from the Casa de Campo resort is where experienced shooters can enjoy driven bird shoots with pheasant, patridge and mallards. The shoot area, created by Shaun Snell and Mr. J. Pepe Fanjul, has six different drives, all planted with game crops that are located on the tops of the valleys for showing the best possible birds. During the 26th annual Sugar Shooting Tournament, the European-style Driven Bird Shoot took place over 5 days, with competitors taking part in groups of 8. Shooting “Spanish-style” rather than “British-style”, the competitors were encouraged to shoot all birds – something which proved rather challenging for English gentleman Richard Britten-Long, who was clearly more comfortable shooting “British-style” – or rather the polite way – in which you only shoot birds coming your way. During the prize-giving which took place at the end of the event on Saturday evening the 28th of April at Casa Grande, many of the 37 competitors and their families talked how impressed they were by Rancho Peligro and the Casa de Campo Shooting Center – many proclaiming it to be one of the very best in the world.
“I’ve had the privalege of shooting across the world and the program they have here is unrivaled anywhere else in world – on its divesity and quality.”

— Mason Berry

The winner’s of the “Driven Shoot” (referred to as “High Guns”) were: • Day 1: ROBERT CROMPTON • Day 2: J. PEPE FANJUL • Day 3: CHRIS MAUBURY • Day 4: RALPH ISHAM • Day 5: TUCKER JOHNSON The following photos were taken at Rancho Peligro during the 26th annual Sugar Shooting Tournament hosted by J. Pepe Fanjul:  
37 take part in J. Pepe Fanjul’s 26th annual Sugar Shooting Tournament

From the 23rd to the 28th of April, J. Pepe Fanjul hosted the 26th annual Sugar Shooting Tournament at the Casa de Campo resort. Click here for more photos and to read more about the Sugar Shooting Tournament.