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Enjoy an endless summer with friends and great drinks

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We are in summer where the days get longer and the nights shorter and you have to take advantage of every moment to share with family, friends and enjoy life. And since we are in that, there is nothing better than a good wine to accompany the meal or enjoy a drink with friends! Everyone has that bar at home for those times, and for this summer who does not like a refreshing drink!

We all have a favorite for different occasions; a Moet to commemorate a celebration, a beer for the heat, or take a Vodka to warm up those rare cool nights or even prepare that drink that is fashionable, the Aperol Spritz – whatever your taste you can find everything in a Only place and that is Punto Licores.

Punto Licores is a beverage store founded by Mayol & Cia, contemplating the need for a beverage store with a greater variety, serving the request of each client and with the best prices. Here you can find Wines, Champagnes, Cavas, Whiskey, Vodka, Liqueurs , Beers, Tequila, Geneva, Juices, soft drinks, local and imported waters, everything you need to enjoy a good drink with friends and spend this summer heat.

And they know that it is the best of all, they do not have to leave Casa, because they offer an excellent delivery service in Casa de Campo so that they never lack that little drink or that little drink in Casa. They also have an advisory service for all kinds of events, whether dinner, weddings, congresses, cocktails, etc., so you can give your guests the best.

Punto Licores

Where: Av. Restauración esq. Altagracia

Tel: 809.349.9494

Schedule: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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