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We have been receiving several emails asking us about some of the functions and features of Casa de Campo Living so we have decided to start writing a series of short articles explaining/introducing these features.

Our first article is going to be about the “Email, Print or Share this:” buttons that are at the bottom of every article and pages, like our popular Movie Times page.

Let’s go over each button and its functionality one by one.

Email this story to a friend! button

The “Email this story to a friend!”  button simply opens up a new email on your default email client and will use the title of the article as the subject line and include a link to the article within the emails body. All you need to do to send the article to your friends is to enter their email addresses and hit send!

Print this article! button

The “Print this article!” button uses a service called Print Friendly ( and it will turn the article or page into a printable version. From the Print Friendly screen you will be able to delete unwanted elements of the articles like images or paragraphs (if you just want a specific section) by simply clicking on them. The user interface is fairly easy to use.

Once you are ready to print the article you have the option to print directly to your printer or create a pdf document.

Facebook button

The Facebook button ( allows you to share this article with your facebook friends by sharing a link directly on your wall and into your friends stream, which is what you see when you first login to Facebook on the homepage and shows your friend’s recent activity. Another more advanced Facebook feature is our Facebook Connect Community. This will be covered more in depth in another article.

We’re assuming you all know what Facebook is already but just in case you don’t you can learn more about it here.

Twitter button

The Twitter button ( simply creates a tweet with the article title and link. You have the ability to edit/add information to your tweet before tweeting it out to the world!

If you need more information on what is Twitter the gyst is that it is a microblogging platform limited to 140 characters per post and you basically update your status or “what are you doing” as often as you like. If you need more detailed info, please take a look at these articles from Twitter and Wikipedia.

Digg button

The Digg button ( creates a digg entry for the article. Digg is one of the most popular link/content sharing websites on the internet. You basically find something you like online and you add it to thus letting people in the digg community that you ‘dig’ that article!

In order to use this feature you need to have a Digg account. For further information on Digg please take a look at these articles from Digg and Wikipedia.

Delicious button

The Delicious button ( adds the article or page to your bookmarks on Delicious in an online social bookmarking service. Here you can keep all your bookmarked/favorites websites on a single location available to you at all times from any computer. You also have the option of sharing your bookmarks with the Delicious Community like you can with Digg.

For further information on Delicious please take a look at these articles from Delicious and Wikipedia.

Stumble Upon button

Stumble Upon (  is another link/content sharing website, like and therefore this button works basically the same. While essentially being the same as Digg, Stumble upon has a different user interface and graphics that some people find more appealing and therefore prefer this service to digg’s.

The basis of the name is that you are letting the community know which sites or links you have ‘stumbled upon’ while browsing. Stumble Upon also recommends websites based on your stumbling habits which some might find very useful.

For further information please take a look a these articles from Stumble Upon and Wikipedia.

Well that wraps up our first informational article on Casa de Campo Living’s features. Our next article will be on Facebook Connect. Stay tuned and keep sending us your questions. We will gladly answer them directly or via an article like this one.