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Edo Miquel Golf Academy has chosen Casa de Campo for its annual event

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The most renowned golf instructors on the planet devised the perfect formula to give another twist to the relationship with their students and take their teaching methods to another level. Golf clinics, “campus” or intensive training are perfectly combined with competitive events in which students display the concepts acquired.

In this sense, Edo Miquel, renowned coach of Joaquín Niemann and Mito Pereira, among others, chose Casa de Campo Resort & Villas to hold its annual event from July 4 to 11, 2022 in which participants will have the opportunity to use all the technology of the Golf Learning Center in Casa de Campo and, in the same week, enjoy two of Pete Dye’s three jewels: Dye Fore and The Links. There, in that magnificent golf resort, home of the last Latin America Amateur Championship (championship that Niemann himself won in 2018), a tournament will also be played under the Medal Play modality that will have as its maximum prize a weekly pass to witness the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club next year.

“It will be an extraordinary championship with unprecedented prizes such as the invitation to the 2023 Masters with tickets for the whole week donated by the Joaquín Niemann Foundation. The tournament will be a stroke play mode with a net handicap, a single round, so anyone can have a good day and win tickets to the Masters”, comments Miquel, one of the great people responsible for the absolute growth of golf in Chile since his I work as an instructor for Niemann, Pereira and other great professional and amateur players from that country. “I was at the last LAAC that was played in Casa de Campo and I fell in love with this place. The courts are incredible, as is the hotel and all the attention they gave us. This is the ideal resort for our event”, adds the Chilean, who also highlights the importance of the event for the Joaquín Niemann Foundation, which supports low-income children so they can access the practice of golf in Chile.

To watch Edo Miquel’s video about the EM Academy tournament, click on the following link: EDO MIQUEL – EM ACADEMY ANNUAL EVENT AT CASA DE CAMPO

For Casa de Campo, the presence of Edo Miquel and its annual event is undoubtedly another sign of trust and recognition in the #1 golf resort in the Caribbean.

“For us, it is an honor to be able to have such a renowned coach and Golf Academy in Casa de Campo. We are happy that they have chosen us since they will be able to make the most of our facilities, which are among the best in Latin America. I am convinced that his students will live an incredible experience and with a better level of golf thanks to EM Academy and our facilities in Casa de Campo”, assures Manuel Relancio, Head Pro of Casa de Campo, and someone who knows Edo Miquel very well and his work structure.

“We invite all instructors from our region to come to Casa de Campo to carry out their annual campuses with their students, it is a unique experience for everyone and I have no doubt that after the arrival of Edo Miquel other teachers will join this initiative. ”, adds Relacio.

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