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Remember we announced a couple of weeks ago that Eco Mensajería was one of the 27 finalists in Chivas The Venture, and that week 1 of voting would begin on May 9th? Well, we’ve done it! Week 1 of voting turned a successful run for our finalist!

Last week, the 1st week of voting in the Global Competition of Social Entrepreneurship, Chivas The Venture, Dominican Republic won 5th place out of the 27 countries participating in the competition!! With the support of all the Dominicans who came together and made their vote count at, our votes have granted Eco Mensajería a funding of US $2,588.91 from the total of US$50,000.00 distributed in this first week.

From May 9th to June 13th, the public are encouraged to support their favorite finalist. Over the course of these five weeks, the public’s vote will determine how the first US $250,000 in funding is split among the finalists, so it’s important to vote every week! The remaining US $750,000 in funding will be awarded at The Venture Final in July in New York City, after a high stakes pitch in front of The Venture judges.

Let’s refresh your memories in regards to what Eco Mensajería is all about. Eco Mensajería is the first and only ecological courier company in the Dominican Republic represented by Edison Santos. Their slogan is, A Better World in Each Delivery” with the focus of sustainable mobility services and the timely delivery of documents using an electric vehicle that runs on solar energy without CO2 emissions. They have shown in their first 18 months of operations that sustainable mobility is possible in the Dominican Republic, and is a lean and exportable business concept for other countries that can be profitable.

Using their electrical vehicles, they have travelled 20,000 km, made more than 10,000 deliveries to more than 35 customers, and last year prevented 10 tons of CO2 emissions from being emitted! With the funding they hope to receive, they plan on expanding, providing services across the Dominican Republic. They are also planning on installing computer servers that will use solar panels for ecological digital messaging, and even open three offices abroad and invest in Research & Development to accelerate our sustainable economic growth.

As we are in the second week, we only have 2 MORE DAYS TO VOTE! We need your vote! We encourage any first-time voters to use any of the following websites;, or the / finalists / eco- messaging. After you vote, share your vote to your social media networks so that friends can also participate and vote for Eco Mensajería! Continue to do so until June 13th when the top finalists will go on to the last competition in New York. Eco Mensajería represents the Dominican Republic in the most important global competition of social entrepreneurship in the area!!

Photos courtesy of Chivas.

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