Eco Planeta Caribe Golf Cart

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Eco Planeta Caribe Golf Cart

Following the exciting news that Eco Planeta Caribe signed a distribution contract for the US-manufactured STAR EV electric vehicles, we’re now pleased to also inform you that the new models of the ECO golf carts have arrived at their shop in the Marina.

The previous AC model has been doing well for several years, especially considering its speed (40 km/h) and acceleration. It has been highly regarded by Eco Planeta customers in Casa de Campo and throughout other parts of the Dominican Republic.

Although the main components, such as batteries, controller, transmission, etc., are from the USA or Europe, the carts are manufactured in China. For the newest model, the factory has done an excellent job. The carts feature a more modern design with the following significant enhancements:

  • Improved Anti-Corrosion Treatment and less steel components
  • Roof painted in cart’s featured color
  • Mounting and flexibility of windshield (foldable or fixed)
  • Modern Light Units
  • Standard Speedometer
  • Larger and more comfortable seating
  • Standard Canadian Delt-Q on board charger
  • Partial aluminum roof support
  • 2-year full warranty (batteries only in combination with maintenance contract)

At the moment, they have in stock a number of carts available in both ECO 2+2 AC (4-seat) and ECO 4+2 AC (6-seat) models. The prices are US$10,590 for the ECO 2+2 AC and US$11,790 for the ECO 4+2 AC, making these by far the best-value on the Dominican market.

Eco Planeta Caribe supplies the largest selection of 4-seat and 6-seat golf carts, with about 10 different models for each size. They offer slow, fast, standard, luxury, lifted and off-road models of ECO, STAR EV and YAMAHA, as well as GEM and Kingstar Electric Vehicles. In addition to their electric vehicles, they also sell buggies, four wheelers and the fantastic, thrill-driven Quadski (Amphibian Quad / Jet ski) from the renowned brands Polaris, CanAm, Yamaha, Joyner and Gibbs Sports.

Eco Planeta Caribe Golf Cart back

Stop by the store in the Marina today to see first-hand the latest in ECO golf cart engineering, and get your hands on the most stylish, coveted model on the market!