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Golf Tips: Dye Fore, Hole #18 by Eric Lillibridge

Dye Fore Hole 18

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Dye_Fore_hole_18The Dye Fore is undisputedly one of the most scenic places in Casa de Campo. And although the 18th hole on the Chavón 9 is by far one of the most challenging holes, it’s beautiful vistas makes it one of the most charming.

Not only are you treated to a priceless panorama of the Chavón river, but also a full view of Altos de Chavón in all it’s glory, and if you’re teeing off in the afternoon you may even be lucky enough to witness a magical Altos de Chavón wedding.

The only downside is that all this beauty can easily distract you from the golf, not a good scenario when tackling such a challenging hole! Yet as intimidating as this hole is, here are some tips to send you merrily on your way to hole 19!


This is the widest fairway you will ever see in golf. I have watched this fairway being mowed and I can tell you it takes nearly 2 hours… an average par 5 fairway normally takes 45 minutes! All joking aside, this means you do have a choice as to which side of the fairway fits your eye. You can take a risk and play down the left side with hopes of getting a little more roll, or you can play conservative up the right where there is a larger landing area.


The second shot on this long par 5 is critical. My recommendation is to lay up to the right, and by that I mean aim way right, because there is a lot of room on that side. The reason for this is that there is a savior slope down to the left that captures many golf balls and they wind up rolling into the long grass… costing you a few extra strokes, or worse, a lost ball.


So now that you have laid up in a safe position on the right side of the fairway, it is even more important to keep right on this next approach shot. The 18th green is very approachable from the right side of the fairway, and from here you’ll find yourself looking up the center of this somewhat diagonal green… the perfect place to pitch from.


  • Have 60%-70% of your weight leaning forward or towards the target.
  • Position the ball in the center of your feet.
  • Tilt the shaft of your club leaning forward or towards the target.
  • Accelerate through the impact zone.
  • Hit the ball first and the ground second.


Given this is such a long par 5, the green is pretty generous in size and it also has very little slope. This flat green is an excellent chance to take advantage of this hole… finish your round on a high and head on over to one of the bars or restaurants of Altos de Chavón to celebrate!

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