Villa owners certainly know that Casa de Campo is a sporting haven! Continuing with the sporting activities of the 2016 Dueños Weekend, the Dueños participated in the 2016 Tennis and Shooting Tournaments that took place on Saturday, October 29th at La Terraza Tennis Center and the Shooting Center located in the heart of Casa de Campo.

The Shooting Center saw novice and experienced shooters alike, but they also had the best instructors out there to help with anything they might need. Everyone there was delighted by how thrilling shooting is and probably left wanting to return as soon as possible to take another shot! Casa de Campo villa owners participating in the tournament were given 25 shots of skeet to test their skills and aim. It is definitely a fun way to pass an afternoon or morning! This year, it was Magdalena Garcia who hit the most shots in the Female’s category. In the men’s category, the best performance was made by Jose Olivo, while in the Junior’s category the winner was Roberto Herrera.

See below the detailed list of winners:

Dueños 2016 Shooting Tournament

Female Division Champion: Magdalena Garcia Sub Champion: Tiffani Porcher Male Division Champion: Jose Olivo Sub Champion: Alex Ventura Junior Division Champion: Roberto Herrera Sub Champion:Georgie Garcia

That same day, there was also another group shooting tennis balls at La Terraza Tennis Center. Always a family favorite, the Dueños Tennis Tournament 2016 edition was played in doubles. The couple formed by Maria Mastrolilli and Magdalena García were the winners in the women’s category, while Danilo Diaz and Gillermo Sircard were undefeated champions of the men’s category.

See below the detailed list of winners:

Dueños 2016 Tennis Tournament

Female Doubles Divisions Sub Champion: Blanca Rivera and Ellen Koenig Champions: Maria Mastrolilli and Magdalena García Male Doubles Divisions Sub Champion: Victor Padua and Francisco Sagar Champions: Danilo Diaz and Gillermo Sircard
The winners of the shooting and tennis tournaments, and all other events held throughout the day of Dueños 2016, were awarded trophies at the Dinner Party celebrated at Minitas Beach later Saturday evening. Keep practicing your aim as we’ll be looking forward to next year’s tournament! See below gallery of pictures taken by Mariana Heredia:

Shooting Tournament Dueños 2016

Tennis Tournament Dueños 2016

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Dueños 2016 Weekend Wrap Up: Sports & Celebrations in Casa de Campo

We hope you were in Casa de Campo this past weekend, otherwise you missed out on some fabulous activities! Here we’re recapping all that took place as part of Dueños Weekend 2016 from October 28th-30th, a celebration hosted every year by Costasur and Casa de Campo Resort to thank the villa owners for their continued support throughout the year. Read more.