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During the Dueños 2012 weekend, on Saturday the 10th of November, whilst many Casa de Campo villa owners were resting at home or at the salon getting ready for the big party that evening – Casa de Campo’s growing bike community congregated at Minitas Beach and from there whizzed around Casa de Campo determined to win the 1st Casa de Campo Bike Marathon. Recently, biking has becoming one of the most popular sporting activities amongst Casa de Campo villa owners – becoming quiet possibly nearly as popular as golf – especially amongst young families who can enjoy pedalling around the resort in a safe environment. And during the bike marathon the growing popularity of this event was abundantly clear – with a fantastic turnout and even Casa de Campo villa owner volunteers (and bike fanatics) helping to run the actual race. Setting off from Minitas Beach, the marathon led the enthusiasts on a circuit up to Altos de Chavón, around the Dye Fore golf course and back to Minitas Beach – a trail which for the fastest (Marco Alejandro Ferrando and Pedro Julio Flaquer) took less than 30 minutes!

At the starting line for the Casa de Campo Bike Marathon

Congratulations to all who took part! We hope that this will be the first of MANY bike marathons to be celebrated during the annual Dueños celebrations hosted by Costasur and Casa de Campo!

Dueños 2012: Bike Marathon Results

Women (age: 21-39) 1st place: Maria Elmufdi (time 0:47:35) 2nd place: Carmen Santoni (time 0:50:21) 3rd place: Jasmin Vicioso (time 1:6:32) Men (age: 21-39) 1st place: Gabriel Pinto (time 0:39:38) 2nd place: Francisco Pepen (time 0:40:46) 3rd place: Oliver Castillo (time 0:40:53) Seniors (over 40) 1st place: Pedro Flaquer (time 0:40:40) 2nd place: Sigfrido Elmufdi (time 0:43:42) 3rd place: Fernando Santos (time 0:44:17) Youth (age 13-20) 1st place: Carlos Santana (time 0:43:48) 2nd place: José Juan Carela (time 0:43:57) 3rd place: David Flaquer (time 0:43:59) Children (under 13) 1st place: Marco Alejandro Ferrando (time 0:27:16) 2nd place: Pedro Julio Flaquer (time 0:27:19) 3rd place: Lauren Avila (time 1:06:29) Congratulations to all who took part and all the winners!
The following collection of photos were taken on Saturday the 10th of November at the bike marathon for Dueños 2012:  FOR EVEN MORE PHOTOS AND COVERAGE OF DUEÑOS 2012 – CLICK HERE! SAVE THE DATE! The 3rd annual Hogar del Niño Bike Marathon (part of the Hogar del Niño fundraising weekend) is scheduled for Saturday the 16th of February 2013 at 8:30am, departing from the La Romana Country Club. Click here for photos of the 2nd annual Hogar del Niño Bike Marathon!