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Dueños 2010: Party at La Romana Country Club, part 1

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This year the Dueños 2010 event was somewhat condensed; due to the excessive rain the sporting activities were postponed and so Dueños were only able to enjoy the ‘Entrega de Regalos’ welcome party and the dinner/dance event at the la Romana Country Club. But despite the disappointing lack of sports, this year’s Dueños party is being heralded as one of the best ever!

The party is usually the finale of the Dueños event, which normally takes place all day with a range of different Casa de Campo activities and sports – polo, tennis, shooting and golf tournaments, horse riding, yoga and the Casathon (5km race), all of which had to be postponed, meaning we can all look forward to participating in these events sometime in the future! Perhaps being able to relax all day before the party made it even better – everyone was full of energy and ready to dance!

During the Dueños dinner/dance party I managed to take more than 150 photos of villa owners (and friends!) having a great time, and so because of this I will be publish my coverage of this event in 4 separate parts (this is part 1). Each part will have 35 photos – if you don’t see your photo below, you’ll see it soon!

The annual Dueños event, hosted by Costasur and Casa de Campo for all Casa de Campo villa owners (Dueños),  is Costasur and Casa de Campo’s way of saying thank you to all the Casa de Campo villa owners, for being part of the Casa de Campo community and for continuing to help Casa de Campo grow and get better and better.

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