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While surfing the internets, it is almost inevitable to come across the occasional website reviewing our lovely Casa de Campo. The latest one of these sites was, formerly unknown site, Oyster Hotel Reviews (, which has a pretty in-depth review of Casa de Campo along with a fantastic set of photos taken all over the resort, including at the Beach Club by Le Cirque, Altos de Chavon, the Marina Casa de Campo, the Golf courses (including the Teeth of the Dog) and many other areas.


The overall tone of the review is quite positive, so the obviously know what they are talking about. Their comments are insightful, clear and positive, including comments such as:

  • Service is flawless, consistently warm, and uncommonly prompt. Staff will bend over backwards to ensure that guests are happy.
  • The exquisite beach might just be the best in the D.R.
  • Private to the resort, Minitas Beach is immaculate — there was not a single piece of garbage to be found anywhere. The sand is soft, and a man-made reef several hundred feet out keeps the water especially calm and safe for young children.
  • This 7,000-acre resort offers a slew of features, including an equestrian center, gym, marina, shooting facility, and tennis courts.
  • The signature course is arguably the best in the Caribbean. There are also two others, and all are beautifully maintained.

Our only observation / disagreement with the author, is that she claims that there are only two pools in Casa de Campo. This, as we all know, is simply not the case; as there are many pools available for use throughout the resort.

We love to see these type of positive reviews out there, so to any and all unbiased reviewers should head on over and let them know what you think of the Caribbean’s most complete resort! See the review for yourself, visit: