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Dominicans Gross winners in DR Open Amateur Golf tournament 2015

VI DR Open

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VI DR OpenThe international DR Open Amateur 2015 Golf Tournament was held last weekend from Thursday, 29th, to Saturday, 31st of October, in Casa de Campo; and Dominican players Nelson Florentino, Marcos Malespín, Frank Herrera and Mary Ledesma were proclaimed champions.

Regarding team scores, the selection from the United States won 1st place with 1,025 points, and the best overall scores of the tournament went to Americans,  Germay Medina and Frederic Garon, with 91 and 112 points respectively.

The final scores were as follows:

A Category (Stroke Play)

Gross Champion: Enrique Rodríguez (Rep. Dom.) – 241 hits.

Net Champion: Raysten Klauber (EE.UU.) – 221 hits.

B Category (Stableford)

Gross Champion: Alejandro Carrasco (Rep. Dom.) – 70 points.

Net Champion: Carlos Ducos (ARG) – 105 points by card.

C Category (Stableford)

Gross Champion: Gregory Peña (EE.UU.) – 47 points.

Net Champion: Eduardo Gisbert (Rep. Dom.) – 99 points.

Superseniors A (Stableford)

Gross Champion: Marcos Malespín (Rep. Dom.) – 80 points.

Net Champion: Claude Laine (Guadalupe) – 101 points.

Superseniors B (Stableford)

Gross Champion: Frank Herrera (Rep. Dom.) – 46 points.

Net Champion: Frederic Sar (Guadalupe) – 104 points.

Seniors A (Stroke Play)

Gross Champion: Nelson Florentino (Rep. Dom.) – 240 hits.

Net Champion: Juan Estévez (EE.UU.) – 222 hits.

Seniors B (Stableford)

Gross Champion: Norberto Schenone (ARG) – 66 points.

Net Champion: Gregorio Peña (EE.UU.) – 106 points by card.

Ladies A (Stableford)

Gross Champion: Mary Ledesma (Rep. Dom.) – 77 points.

Net Champion: Marine Morato (Guadalupe) – 106 points.

Ladies B (Stableford)

Gross Champion: Nicole Lescalet (Guadalupe) – 36 points.

Net Champion: Daniel Nezot (Guadalupe) – 104 points.

The awards ceremony was held in front of the St. Stanislaus Church in Altos de Chavón, where among the attendees were Luis José Placeres, Antonio Alma and Rafael Canario from FEDOGOLF, accompanied by BanReservas officials, Carlos Julio Morillo and Leo Morales. The giveaway prizes and closing of the ceremony was led by Felix Olivo from Fiebre de Golf.

The DR Open Amateur 2015 golf tournament was sponsored by Potter Cigars, Coca Cola, Powerade, Ron Barceló, Dasani, and Stella Artois.

Photo courtesy from FEDOGOLF

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