Last Sunday, November 27th, the 3rd annual Casa de Campo Corre for Hogar del Niño was a huge success! Hundreds of participants came to Casa de Campo to run for the kids and have some fun with friends and family.

Bright and early as the sun was peaking out at 5:45 am, the starting point of the marathon, at the entrance of the Casa de Campo Hotel, filled up with enthusiastic and experienced runners who were about to set out on the 42K and 21K routes. Even though it had rain most of the week, the runners were blessed with a clear sky. Runners from all over the country and members of our community came to test their endurance and show their support for the children of the Hogar del Niño. Before each race, participants warmed up with upbeat aerobic exercises.

Xiomarita Menéndez thanked all the sponsors, runners, contributors and volunteers for their continued support, and noted that she loved this event because it unites us all in a wonderful cause. A while later, the runners of the 21k began to cross the finish line, and at 7am the 10k and 5k headed out. Students of the Hogar del Niño also participated in this event, and one even won one of the races! Maria Isabel Rodriguez was the first to cross the finish line for the 5k race, while other students that participated were Samuel Guzman and Daniel Castro, one of the hearing-impaired students of the Hogar’s integration program.

For the 3rd consecutive year, the comedian Carlos Sánchez (Carlos Comic) came out to jazz everyone up for the big runs, as did runner Natasha Méndez who returned to race the 21k. We even saw Félix Sánchez here! The double Olympic gold champion was here taking pictures with fans and encouraging everyone throughout their races. Kenny Grullón, another popular Dominican comedian, was also part of the race in the 10k.

At the finish line, runners were greeted by cheering loved ones and supporters. They grabbed bottles of water and were congratulated for a job well done. Another round of Zumba ensued and all enjoyed snacks from Higueral, Pick.aria, Bello Grill and more. Plus, a recovery station by HSS – Hospital for special surgery – was set up advising runners to stretch out their sore muscles. Later the crowd enjoyed the awards ceremony carried out by Renata Soñé, Carlos Sánchez, Xioma Menendez from the Hogar del Niño, as well as Juan Velázquez, Costasur’s Administrative Vice President.

It was a super cool end to an awesome day! Below you will find a video by Bryan de la Cruz that was posted on the PBO’s Facebook which sums up the day and a big THANK YOU to all:

We at Casa de Campo Living are also CONGRATULATING all runners for their dedication and determination! Everyone’s support and donations go to a beautiful cause. To those who didn’t have the chance to participate, contact the Hogar del Niño for more upcoming projects and ways to help, and even start training now so we can see you next year!

The following images were taken by Alejandro Heredia during the Casa de Campo Corre for the Hogar del Niño in Casa de Campo, Sunday November 27th:

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