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Double Action in DR Polo Challenge Continues: Los Samanes and Lechuza scored wins

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Yesterday, Thursday March 10, the second part of the qualifying stage of the Gold Cup, the third of a total of four glasses that make the DR Polo Challenge, was held at Los Establos and Casa de Campo. The games took place simultaneously in both locations.

Los Samanes 10 vs Cinque Terre 8

Los Samanes fought hard to overcome one of the strongest teams in the series so far, Cinque Terre, at Los Establos. Bete Donovan stood in for Marcelo Frayssinet who is said to return next week. It was a case of building on an early lead with the deadly combination of Santi Toccalino and Donovan really testing Nacho Novillo Astrada’s defensive structure.

The first and third goals were Toccalino’s — the number three not resting on his laurels as the top goal scorer in the previous tournament. Ambroggio as always put in a mean hustle and scored the other in the first, and for the rest of the game helped keep Iñaki Laprida busy, which left Novillo Astrada alone at the back more than a few times. Carlos Silva made a few runs but only managed one goal in the third. Nevertheless Toccalino swiftly converted another two after half – time, so that by the time Novillo Astrada put in an epic resurgence with a hat trick in the fifth, Cinque Terre were already too far behind to regain their former dominance.

MVP: Santi Toccalino

Lechuza 9 vs. Los Establos 4

In the following match, the powerful Lechuza foursome, featuring 10-goalers Juan Martín Nero and Pelon Stirlling, dominated the game and the scoreboard to take an impressive 9-4 win over Los Establos.

The combination of the two La Dolfina members, as well as the fantastic support by both Victor and Alfredo Vargas, was too much for a talented Los Establos team, despite Alejandro Muzzio and Ignacio Toccalino produced some very good plays and showcased their skills.

MVP: Juan Martín Nero

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