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Donna Summer ‘The Queen of Disco’ is coming to Altos de Chavon!

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The great singer/song writer and pop culture icon, Donna Summer will be performing in the Altos de Chavon amphitheatre, here in Casa de Campo! The concert has been confirmed and will be taking place this Halloween – Saturday the 31st of October, I doubt the concert will be very scary…..scarily good perhaps!!!

UPDATE: May 17th 2012
Although by now we had already lost hope that Donna Summers would ever perform at the Altos de Chavón amphitheater – due to the sad news of her recent death we can say that Donna Summer will in fact not be coming to visit us in Casa de Campo. Following a long battle with cancer Donna dies at the age of 63 on May 17th 2012.

Donna Summer, has been a world-wide pop sensation since the 1970’s and last year she released her come back album “Crayons”. This concert is part of her Tour with the same name. Donna Summer new sound is more pop and modern including uptempo dance beats in “Stamp your Feet”and “Crayons”, samba beats on “Driving down to Brazil” while still giving you a disco feel on “Fame”. The album also includes the slower ballad “Sand on my feet”. Some say this one of Summer’s best albums! We are sure the concert will include some of her classics such as ‘Love to love you, baby,’ ‘I feel love’ and ‘Hot stuff’, but if you haven’t had a chance to experience Donna Summer’s new music go ahead and visit her official website and go to the ‘Music’ section.

We do not have ticket prices yet, but as soon as we do we will of course let you know! In the meantime, take a look at Donna Summer’s classics Hot Stuff and Bad Girls and allow yourself to get just a little excited…….

UPDATE: The dates of the concert are not yet confirmed. There is a possibility the concert will move to November. As soon as we receive official confirmation we will let you know.

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