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Daniela & Tiffany steal the show at Don Quijote ballet

Tiffany Dalet Zeller, Daniela Dominguez

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Tiffany Dalet Zeller, Daniela DominguezOn Friday December 5th, the Altos de Chavón Amphitheater was dazzled by the beautiful costumes and the energized performance that was “Don Quijote”. 

Ballet, Altos de Chavon amphitheaterThe wonderful and talented students from the Elizabeth P. de Zeller Academy delivered an impressive performance, a masterpiece full of intricate and spirited dances, as well as vivid and multicolored costumes, directed by Ivonne Zeller.

Every student in the Academy took part in the performance, from the adorable toddlers to the most experienced and talented dancers.

The lead dancers in the performance were Daniela Dominguez and Tiffany Dalet Zeller, a third generation Zeller ballerina. The performance of both girls was outstanding, and there was no doubt that these two talented and elegant young ladies stole the show.

The profits made from the ticket sales are donated to the Hogar de Ancianos Padre Abreu, located in La Romana. A noble tradition that was started by the Founder of this Ballet Academy, Elizabeth P. de Zeller. So not only the students dance their hearts out in this performance, they do it for a bigger purpose: helping those who need it.

Ballet, Altos de Chavon amphitheater

Congratulations to every single student in the Academy for their great performance, and to the amazing team that teach and guide them through the art of dancing: Ivonne Zeller, Magda Zeller de McCabe de Zeller, Karina Abreu and Alicia Campillo. The performance was amazing!

The following collection of images were taken during the performance of Don Quijote by the students of the Elizabeth P. de Zeller Academy at the Altos de Chavón amphitheater: 

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