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It’s a good day to be Dominican! Last night we witnessed history in the making! Two weeks ago, Americas Got Talent premiered their 13th season. Throughout the years we have seen many people from different parts of the world go on and audition, hoping to make their dreams come true, or what most like to call, chase the American Dream. I have to admit, I’m a big fan of the show and when I heard our country’s name my eyes opened wide and was even more attentive to what was going on!

Da Republik is a Dance Crew based in Santo Domingo created by husband-and-wife team Larybel and Jonathan Castillo. Together, they have a dance school and have worked hard to get to where they are today. They have participated and won many local and international competitions and are currently the reigning World Hip Hop Champions. The crew is made up of a group of best friends that have managed to live their passion by focusing on opportunities and not on the obstacles they have faced. “We are proud of how far we have come and we have faith in how far we can go! Wherever we go, no matter the place, we always carry our own light and we will always BE OURSELVES!” read the caption on their first picture in Hollywood.

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As soon as they stepped on stage and said they were from the Dominican Republic, Heidi Klum, one of the judges said: “I love the Dominican Republic, I’m rooting for you.” The energy and passion was oozing out of the them as they danced and the audience and judges felt it right away. “America’s Got Talent” is one of the most demanding talent programs; few manage to impress the strict panel of judges, especially Simon Cowell, connoisseur of the music industry and director of the company Sony Music, in addition to the singer Mel B, the model, and television presenter Heidi Klum, and well-known comedian Howie Mandel. Their technique, dance moves, choreography, and music choice was on point granting them the judges compliments and four yes’s guarantee their pass onto the next phase of the contest.

Mel B, who was part of the Spice Girls group, was the first to speak after the dancers’ performance and said she “loved the energy, the music, the choreography, I love you”, while Mandel said that the dance was “pure, amazing brilliance in dance, that’s all it was that’s all we need, thank you”. Heidi Klum said that she felt a different kind of passion than from what they saw in other dance crews and finally Simon Cowell stressed that the dancers managed to do everything right in just two minutes, that he liked their personalities and how they look. The crew was visibly moved and grateful thanking God, the audience and the judges for the opportunity and left the stage jumping and cheering!

Now, they move on to face a greater challenge, moving to the next phases of the contest which is presented by the actress and model Tyra Banks and reaches millions of people all over the world. We will keep you posted on their progress and we hope that when the time comes to vote you can help us get them on to the next phase and as far as they can go! Da Republik we are rooting for you! 

*  Images from Da Republik’s Facebook page