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Dominican-English dictionary: Un Chin!

This post is also available in: Spanish

dominican - enlgish dictionaryIn this week’s Dominican-English dictionary post, Candiver Bienvenido, our favourite young Dominican teaches us how the Dominicans use the word “chin.”

Today’s word is for describing an amount – we Dominicans say it when we want a small amount of food.

For example when someone asks you if you want some rice, you say yes but “Un Chin!”

This is a very important word to learn – especially if you are a tourist, because Dominicans tend to serve large amounts of  food!

Another example could be if you were asked:

Q. Tienes calor? (Are you hot?)

A. Si un Chin!! (Yes, a bit)

We also use it to demand food: “Dame un Chin!!!” (Give me a bit/Give me some!!)

What Candiver doesn’t mention is that even when you do ask a Dominican for “un chin” of food – you’ll still most likely get a LOT! This is also true for haircuts, if you ask to have “un chin” taken off, or request your hair “solo un chin” shorter, be VERY careful – they will cut a LOT!

(Although a very good hairdresser, who doesn’t cut off too much hair can be found right here in Casa de Campo at the Internacional Beauty Salon, click here for more information.)

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