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Dominican-English Dictionary: Papi Shampoo

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dominican - enlgish dictionaryIn this week’s Dominican-English dictionary post, Candiver Bienvenido, a very amusing young Dominican enlightens us about Dominican men!

This week’s phrase – I find it quite funny, I laugh out loud every time I say it (LOL)!

‘Papi Shampoo’ is used to describe a man who looks pretty handsome – he gets all the women and takes good care of his hair.

We say ‘Shampoo’ as the man washes his hair regularly and combs it backwards with gel, the man is usually a babe magnet. ‘Papi’ stands for daddy – trying to make it more sexy, some Dominican women tend to call men ‘papi’ if they like them.

For example, when a handsome man pases in the street or in a car, women say:

“Adios Papi Shampoo” (bye Papi Shampoo) or “Mira ese Papi Shampoo” (look at that Papi Shampoo)

Another example: “Oye ten cuidado con él, el es un Papi Shampoo!” (Be careful with him, he’s a Papi Shampoo!)

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