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Dominican-English dictionary: corre corre

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dominican - enlgish dictionaryThis week’s word is:

corre corre (pronounced coh-rreh coh-rreh)

Doing things in a rush; rushing to do or see something.

Example: Hubo un corre corre en el supermercado hoy.

There was a rush at the supermarket today!

‘Dominican’ isn’t exactly a real language, but it has enough dialects and unique words and phrases to confuse even the most fluent Spanish (or rather non-Dominican) speaker, and even some Dominicans!

As with dialects in any other country, ‘Dominican’ can be colorful and at times a tad confusing, so each week we will introduce common words in ‘Dominican’ that might be helpful for everyday use when talking in Spanish, or at least to help understand Dominicans!

Thanks once again for joining us in the discovery of new words in the fascinating Dominican slang!

Don’t forget, if you have any suggestions for a word or a phrase, just email: [email protected]

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