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Dominican-English Dictionary: A po ta bien

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dominican - enlgish dictionaryThe Dominican – English dictionary is back! From now on this series wil be published every Tuesday and will be contributed by Candiver Bienvenido – a 100% Dominican chica!

This week’s phrase is very common and used a lot. We say it when we want to agree to something.

For example, when somebody asks you if you want to go somewhere, and you want to, you say ‘A po ta bien.’

This phrase became very famous with the comedian Raymond Pozo – he said it every time he acted and as he is Dominican, he made gestures with his hands, which made me laugh out loud!

A few more examples:

“Quieres ir a la playa?” (Do you want to go to the beach?)

A  po ta bien!! Vamos.” (Yeah! Let’s go!)

But also, when somebody tells you off, we say it to chill the atmosphere. This is like a funny way to say it – it isn’t a serious phrase.

“Parate!” Dame el libro!” (Stop right now what you are doing! Give the book to me!!)

“A po ta biieeen!! yaaa!!”

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