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Hear ye baseball fans! Are you ready for this year’s Baseball Season?? Keep close your orange outfits and horns, because the Dominican Winter Baseball Season 2022-2023 is just around the corner.

The championship will start officially on Saturday, October 15th, with the Los Toros’ first game being right in our home stadium vs. the Estrellas Orientales at 7 pm.  Currently, all the teams are hard at work doing pre-season training – each team with high hopes of being the winner of the best baseball tournament in the Caribbean.

Picture from Los Toros Fb page

The Toros started pre-season training in September, but they’re hard at work already promoting their activities and motivating fans! You have to visit their IG page, one of the best we’ve seen! They normally do various activities in areas of La Romana with bands, cheerleaders, and the famous “Torito,” the team mascot, taking pictures, playing music, giving out flags, caps, and bumper stickers, and spreading all-around team spirit!

So Casa de Campo baseball lovers, get ready to don your orange outfits and cheer for our local baseball team! If you are not a baseball enthusiast or are just here in the country during baseball season, come out to the ball game (find below how easy it can be from Casa de Campo!)— it’s just a matter of time before you are also cheering on your favorite team!


Below is the scheduled matches taking place at Francisco A. Micheli Stadium, so SAVE-THE-DATES:


Saturday 15/10/2022 Estrellas Vs. Toros 7:00PM
Monday 17/10/2022 Licey Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Tuesday 18/10/2022 Aguilas Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Sunday 23/10/2022 Escogido Vs. Toros 5:00PM
Monday 24/10/2022 Gigantes Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Thursday 27/10/2022 Licey Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Sunday 30/10/2022 Estrellas Vs. Toros 5:00PM
Monday 31/10/2022 Escogido Vs. Toros 7:30PM


Wednesday 02/11/2022 Aguilas Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Saturday 05/11/2022 Gigantes Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Wednesday 09/11/2022 Escogido Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Saturday 12/11/2022 Estrellas Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Tuesday 15/11/2022 Gigantes Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Wednesday 16/11/2022 Aguilas Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Saturday 19/11/2022 Licey Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Monday 21/11/2022 Escogido Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Tuesday 22/11/2022 Estrellas Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Saturday 26/11/2022 Gigantes Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Monday 28/11/2022 Aguilas Vs. Toros 7:30PM


Thursday 01/12/2022 Licey Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Friday 02/12/2022 Estrellas Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Tuesday 06/12/2022 Escogido Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Friday 09/12/2022 Gigantes Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Monday 12/12/2022 Aguilas Vs. Toros 7:30PM
Friday 16/12/2022 Licey Vs. Toros 7:30PM

* Featured images from previous seasons