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…pizzas and wings! That’s right my friends – come watch the finals of the World Baseball Classic at Onno’s Bar and enjoy pizza and chicken wings at 25% off AND “Cubetazos” (buckets of beer) for just RD$400! 

Ahora E’! Tuesday the 19th of March has finally arrived – the most awaited date by, not only the many baseball fans around the world, but also by the numerous Dominican baseball fans –  TODAY the Domi-Nation team (Dominican Republic) will play against Puerto Rico in the World Classic Baseball finals after defeating the Netherlands last night in a pretty impressive game which ended 4 to 1!

As the first time EVER in which two Caribbean and latino teams go head to head in the World Baseball Classic finals, AND the first time our beloved Dominican Republic makes the finals – this is THE historic baseball event for our country! And what better place to celebrate than at Onno’s Bar in Altos de Chavón, ready and set up with the best environment to support the best team with great food, great drinks and great company – (friends and families of all nationalities)! Woohoo!!

pizza onno's

Delicious pizza at Onno’s Bar!

Reasons to support the Dominican Baseball Team:

• Since the World Classic Baseball championship started last March the 2nd 2013, the Dominican Republic has made it to the finals undefeated with 7 victories and 0 defeats!

• Dominican Republic, with a brilliant record of 7 victories and 0 defeats this year will be breaking Japan’s record established in year 2009 with 7 victories and 2 defeats.

• If you plan on joining the celebration at Onno’s Bar, you will probably be in the Dominican Republic… which is always a good idea to join the crowd and support the best (undefeated) competitor. “El que goza es el que gana” (Only those who win are the ones who really enjoy!)

Ready to enjoy the World Baseball Classic finals at Onno’s Bar? Here we share all the details:

Dominican Republic Vs. Puerto Rico @ Onno’s Bar

When: Tuesday March the 19th 2013, 8pm

Where: Onno’s Bar

What: 25% off on pizzas, chicken wings and only RD$400 on “Cubetazos” (buckets of beer!).

“The Arrow”, DR celebrating victory against Netherlan in WBC semi finals
We look forward to seeing you there! We are all #TeamDR today!