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Dolvett Quince from Biggest Loosers at Orfanato Ninos de Cristo
Coco Lorenzi, manager of the boys orphanage with Dolvett Quince

Recently, the Orfanato Niños de Cristo had a very special visitor and the kids were beyond happy and active! Dolvett Quince the star trainer of The Biggest Loser television show visited the boys and girls orphanages on Thursday and Friday of last week.

Dolvett Quince, famous for his workout regimen and dramatic transformation results he helps his clients achieve, is very passionate about giving back. Having grown up with abusive adoptive parents, he has become an active supporter of nonprofit organizations such as Adoption Discovery, which serves to aid prospective parents in the adoption process, and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, which helps families adopt children living in foster care. Understandably, the Orfanato Niños de Cristo is an organization close to Dolvett’s heart.

Dolvett enjoyed playing games with the boys, dancing, sports, and of course goofing around! Exhausted by the end of the day, he no doubt had fun, and made a true mark on the lives of the Niños de Cristo.

Dancing Salsa
  Playing basketball
  Boxing challenge
  Of his visit with the girls he says in his Instagram post:

“Look at their smiles. You would never know that these girls lived at an orphanage in the Dominican. You would never know that most of them grew up here since age 1. You would never know that some only knew abuse, and assault before these doors were open, until opportunity and hope provided for a better life! You would never know, and neither would they, because their smile outweighs their pain!! Chica’s you are so much more than your circumstance!! Yo te abrazará por siempre! I will hug you forever!”


The following collection of photos are provided by Coco Lorenzi from Dolvett Quince’s visit to the Niños de Cristo orphanage: