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Celebrate the DR – Dia de la Arquitectura

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Earlier this week, on Monday the 3rd of November, the ‘Dia de la Arquitectura Dominicana’ or the ‘day of Dominican architecture’  was celebrated here in the Dominican Republic, an official day in the Dominican calendar to celebrate this prestigious profession!

The day is celebrated every year on the 3rd of November to commerate the birth of Guillermo González Sánchez,  considered to be the first modern architect from the Dominican Republic.

And so, all the members of the Women’s east regional CODIA group would like to congratulate all architects – Dominican or not!

The above photo is of the ‘Faro Colon’ a magnificent example of modern Dominican architecture, this building is located in the Eastern part of Santo Domingo, on the other side of the Ozama river and is home to the  Museo de las Americas.

This article was contribute by Ana Henriquez: Presidenta del grupo de Mujeres del CODIA.

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