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Destilado, under the umbrella of Consorcio Solano, a business group led by Fernando Solano, with the support of Casas del XVI have the honor of presenting the release of Mezcal Amores in the Dominican Republic. A series of events dedicated to extolling the benefits of this exclusive Mexican product, Mezcal Amores and Verde Momento, are a 100% handmade and organic product, with a sustainable focus on all aspects of its production that aim to share the flavors and smells that evoke Mexico and its traditions, making a tribute to all the people who work on it. Within the launch of Mezcal Amores, two events were held, the first a four-course dinner pairing aimed at the press and carried out within the mystical space of Casa del Diseñador, with the presence of the editors in Chief and owners of the main printed media in the country, which were received by James Wallace Brown, Global Commercial Director and partner of Mezcal Amores. The second event was hosted in the exclusive space of Casa de los Vitrales, one of the most recent additions of Casa del XVI, the guests enjoyed different experiences that unite Mexican and Dominican culture, mixing together mezcal with Caribbean products to create exquisite cocktails. Each room of this impressive architectural work housed a different experience: live music, Mezcal Amores served in traditional jícaras, plastic artists, a Frio-Frio cart, a fresh coconut vendor and a lounge for cocktails made with the sister brand Mezcal Verde Momento. Destilado, with a distribution of Mezcal Amores and Verde Momento in the best restaurants and boutique hotels in the country, introduces for the first time to the Dominican Republic the distillate that has now become one of the most popular in the world. Information and gallery of images taken during the second day of event courtesy of Destilado, official distributors of Mezcal Amores: